First class done! Pheasant ballantine, Brussel sprout, pecorino and Jerusalem artichoke

So first class done! Thanks to the ladies of Wickham Bishops Essex for being my guinea pigs! Game was the subject of the day. We prepared three mouth watering dishes using wild rabbit, partridge and pheasant.


This is the Pheasant dish. The ladies did a great job rolling the ballantine in parma ham as you can see, although I am not sure they enjoyed making the technical chicken mousse!

We made a controversial Brussel sprout puree (A Brussel sprout is for life not just for christmas!) We added pecorino and twinned with a squeeze of lemon juice this helps to give you a rich puree without that bitter flavour that sprouts are often hated for. Yes, believe it or not in the right amount lemon juice can lift and freshen a dish.

The confit artichoke is the easiest of garnishes: just submerge in oil with black peppercorn, bay, garlic, thyme and salt. Then cook slowly at around 65 degrees for 4 hours either on the hob or in the oven.

All the dishes were seasonal and simple but most importantly they were super tasty. Here's to the next class!

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