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We all know who Justgiving are, or at least we should. I have used their donation pages to give to worthy causes that friends and family have been completing various challenges for. When I left the Ramsay group I grew a beard for Decembeard probably one of the first times in my life I haven't been clean shaven! I know I have lived a sheltered life!!

OTC has just launched on a new site called goquodo which is a platform that gives you easy access to lot's of different teachers offering to teach you anything from arts and crafts, music and cooking.

Justgiving booked the class through goquodo and wanted to go for a cocktail and canape class. It proved to be a good opportunity for me to practice my cocktail making skills, which I think I managed to pull off.

We made two seasonal drinks one a peach and raspberry proseccco blini and the other a Gin garden which is flavoured with cucumber, apple and elderflower. One of the canape's we made was a pea pesto on a parmesan biscuit what could be better at this time of the year, super fresh and light and quick to make so you can enjoy the heat outside not in the kitchen, recipe coming soon.

As you can see not content with teaching on two legs though I'd try on one leg.

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